Wilderdog Kibble Doggy Bag review

I’ve been looking for an actual bag to keep my dog’s food in when we travel and camp instead of plastic gallon bags because we’ve been working towards cutting down on using plastic. Although very sturdy, I was skeptical this bag would be the answer to my searches. Boy, was I wrong. If you’re in the same boat I was and looking for a travel bag for your dog’s food, let me tell you why I’ll forever use this one.

1. I can’t smell anything through it.
One of the biggest reasons I hate using plastic bags to store their food is because I can smell the food through it. I would even double up on the bags to try and help, which it didn’t, and I felt more wasteful. I feed these dogs salmon kibble and it definitely smells like salmon so it’s not something I want my car or backpack smelling like. I was super surprised, and happy, that I could not smell a thing through the bag. Now I’m not saying this bag is safe to just leave out in the middle of bear country, but it definitely masks any smell to my nose.

2. It’s sturdy!
Like I mentioned before, this bag is sturdy! It got thrown all around the desert and stayed the same, plus it was super easy to dust off and keep clean… IN THE DESERT! If you’ve been, you know everything gets dirty there. And as a bonus, we found out it also seems to be water resistant (after accidently spilling the water bowl on it).

3. It closes and compacts nicely.
If you don’t need to use the whole bag, just roll it down and clip at the top of the food and you are only using the space you need. It seals nicely to keep the food and stays where you clipped it. And it has a strap you are able to use to carry it, clip it to a bag, or clip the bowls to it. (We also love the bowls, they compact well and are sturdy like the bag.)

4. It comes with a measuring cup.
This wasn’t a make or break for us, but definitely a bonus. We do track how much we feed our dogs so it was super handy to have this come with the bag.

This review is not sponsored and was not asked for. I was sent the bag, but was not asked for a review in return. This is just me wanting to share how I feel about something I’d been looking for in case someone is in the same spot I was. I didn’t think I would love this bag, but that’s the way it ended up. Although this is not a sponsored review, I do have a coupon code if you would like to check out this bag, their bowls, or anything else at wilderdog.com
Just use “mirandashea” at checkout.

Thanks for reading! And click the link below if you want to check it out for yourself.

Doggie Bag




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