Gift Guide For Your Dog

Dogs are part of the family too, so don’t forget about them this holiday season. I’ve put together a quick gift guide featuring some of our favorite gifts I’ve gotten for Loki.

Zukes treats:
Of course the first one is my pup’s favorite gift to get… Treats. These treats are natural and grain-free, which is super important to me. A lot of them are low calorie and some of them have added vitamins and minerals. They fuel my dog on adventures or come in handy when we’re working on training. These are the treats I trust, Loki loves them, and I’m sure your dog will too.
Visit your local pet store,, Amazon, or go to to find vendors.

Ruffwear toys:
The lunker and the hydro plane disk are Loki’s two all time favorite toys. It’s almost impossible to get him to leave these alone when they’re out. They both float on water, which is huge for us since he loves swimming so much. They also are good for playing in the snow, as the snow doesn’t stick and ball up on them. They are gentle on Loki’s mouth and super lightweight. They also come in fun colors to keep them visible.

Camping With Dogs bandanas:
Look towards these bandanas to add some fashion to your dog’s wardrobe 😉
No, they do look good, but we actually have a lot of practical uses for these too. In the summer before a hike, we soak these in water at the trailhead and wrap them around our pup’s necks to help keep them cool for a bit in the heat. In the winter they add more coverage and warmth to the neck. We also have used them to wipe a water bowl clean that was dirtied during a hike. There really are a lot of little uses for these and they add pretty much no weight to carry. Right now they come in green and red, which are both colors that look great on Loki 😉

stocking stufferPhoto from Camping With Dogs @campingwithdogs

Wilderdog leash:
These leashes are made of climbing rope, so they’re super durable. They have a locking carabiner to prevent the leash coming off the collar or harness. They’ve held up great through the dirt, mud, rivers, desert, rocky trails, and everywhere else we’ve taken them. Plus, I love the variety of colors available.


Ruffwear Powder Hound Jacket:
This jacket is insulated, weather resistant, tough, light, packable, and just so insanely cute! Loki has 2 jackets, which I’ll cover the other one after this, but this one is the one we use more. It covers more of his body and does a better job at keeping him comfortable in the cold. It has a zipper and a tighter fit, while not being tight. He has room to breathe but keeps me comforted in the level of coverage. It doesn’t interfere with his ability to go potty and it also has reflective trimming as an added bonus. This jacket is just all around a great winter jacket for your pup. It’s expensive, but I have no regrets in purchasing it.


Kurgo Loft Coat:
This is the other jacket Loki uses. It too is everything above, except it isn’t insulated and it doesn’t cover as much of the body. I use this for Loki either on a cold camping trip or on winter hikes before it really starts to snow. It’s reversible and has a zipper top to allow access to a harness if your dog is wearing one. This option is under half the price as the Ruffwear, but you give up coverage. Both of these jackets are hanging for quick access in our outdoor room because they are both loved and used.


If you’re a last minute Christmas shopper, like most people are, hopefully this will help you in deciding on that perfect gift for your dog.

Thanks for reading,

Miranda + Loki

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