Dog First Aid

A first aid kit for your dog is very important to keep on hand. You don’t want to learn the hard way their level of importance. Even if you never end up using it, which is what we all hope for, it is still really crucial to have.
I have two dog first aid kits: a small one that I keep in my backpack with the absolute essentials (in my opinion) and a bigger one that I keep in my vehicle.


My small first aid kit has things I would like to have on hand right away like gauze, wound spray, vet tape, tweezers for ticks, dog aspirin, and Benadryl (consult your vet before using).

My larger kit has everything listed above, plus a lot more:

Alcohol and antiseptic wipes (made for dogs)
Cold press
Loki’s proof of rabies vaccination
Plastic syringe (for cleaning out wounds)
Styptic powder (stops bleeding in minor cuts)
Dog first aid handbook
and a lot more.


A lot of people I know carry hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting in their dog in case of poisoning, but I would definitely consult a vet before deciding to do this.

Along with first aid, think about keeping your dog up-to-date on vaccinations and consider getting preventive care that caters to your adventures. If you’ll be in an area with lots of ticks, get them on tick prevention. Same goes for areas with lots of rattlesnakes. There is a vaccine that helps neutralize the venom, although your dog will still have to be taken to the vet ASAP.


You can also go the extra mile and carry things that could come in handy like a dog boot or an emergency blanket. Talk to a vet to see what they would recommend for your best friend’s kit. You can definitely customize it to the needs of your dog, area, and adventure, but just make sure to have something!

Miranda + Loki


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