Our Top Guidelines to Snowshoeing

The very first thing we do for snowshoeing is check the weather and conditions.
Don’t only check the weather forecast, check the avalanche warning and trail conditions. Most of the time I just type in my inquiries to a search engine.


Tell someone where you’ll be and a general estimate of when you’ll return.
Let people close to you know the area you’ll be in and what time you’re expecting to come back, just in the off chance that something goes wrong. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even print out a map of the area you’re planning to be and write down your plans on it.

Dress for the weather.
If you’re going on a sunny day, don’t wear too many layers. You may even be slightly cold at first, but you’ll warm up once you get going on the trail.
If you’re going with rain or snow in the forecast, wear waterproof clothing!
It is absolutely miserable to be soaked in the cold. I wear a waterproof down jacket and waterproof soft shell snow pants.

Generally snowshoeing takes a little longer than a normal hike or walk. Plan accordingly. Give yourself extra time than you normally would on a trail. Some people go from point A to point B, but I like to enjoy the area and snowshoeing is a great way to explore all your snowy surroundings.

Strap on your snowshoes and go have fun!
If you are looking for snowshoes or any snowshoeing gear, here is a coupon code for 40% off on regular priced items from Yukon Charlies (yukoncharlies.com) that is good until January 30th 2017: YUKONCHARLIESLOVE

Happy Adventuring!

Miranda + Loki


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