Exploring Lower Calf Creek Falls

Lower Calf Creek Falls is located in Escalante in Southern Utah. It is a dog friendly hike, which is what we’re all about!
You can camp at the trailhead campsite for $15 a night, but there are a very limited number of campgrounds and you can’t reserve them. Otherwise there are a few other places to camp that you can find online within decent driving distance.
Lower Calf Creek Falls is 6 miles RT but it’s not too difficult as it is mostly level with no major ups and downs. It does feel like a long hike and it can get super hot. I do not recommend doing this in the middle of the day, unless it’s really cloudy, because there is hardly any shade. 


This trail is mostly sand, which can be difficult to walk in. It can also get way too hot for you dog’s paws in the middle of the day. So again, I don’t recommend doing this at that time. There are a lot of cactus to the sides of the trail and off the trail, and the trail is pretty narrow most of the way, so watch those playful pups! This hike is totally worth it though. It features a beautiful waterfall and if you go early in the morning, you’ll usually have little to no people there with you. We had fun throwing Loki’s Ruffwear lunker before we headed out for the 3 miles back.


We were lucky enough to be able to go on this trip that was sponsored by a company called Zukes. Loki is obsessed with their treats and he really enjoyed having the Zukes Power Bones for a natural pick-me-up while relaxing in our Grand Trunk hammock.


In conclusion, I highly recommend taking your dog to Lower Calf Creek Falls if you’re in the area. Always check the conditions, pack enough water for you and your dog, and be smart about when you do this trail. Remember to enjoy the scenery, pack out what you pack in (my pocket was full of garbage), and have a great time in the outdoors with your pup(s)!


Thanks for reading,

Miranda and Loki

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