My Top 3 Dog Friendly Places in Utah

When in our home state, wherever we explore has to be dog friendly because we don’t leave the dogs out of it. We haven’t explored Zions for this very reason and we’ve only been on the outskirts of other National Parks in Utah. We love finding as many awesome dog friendly places as we can. I’m going to list my very top 3, though I may be a bit vague in places, for personal reasons, mainly as to not give away some of our favorite secluded spots. I would be more than happy to share with you individually more specifics on our favorite places to roam if you inquire, as long as you promise to keep them relatively quiet and follow the “leave no trace” rules.


  1. American Fork Canyon
    Located in Utah County, this canyon is full of endless activities for us. Between Tibble Fork (currently under construction), Silver Lake, Scout Falls, and a handful of other favorite trails and places, there is always something to do here.
    In winter we snowshoe, summer we kayak, and spring and fall are perfect for hiking and backpacking. And it’s all dog friendly! With the exception of the Timpanogas Caves, the reason I’ve never been.
    Dog leash rules are very relaxed, but use common sense and courtesy. If it’s a busy trail or another person is coming by and your dog isn’t trail trained, throw on that leash. We recommend a colorful Wolfpack one ūüėČ



  2. “The Uintas”¬†or¬†Uinta Mountains
    First of all, I want to start off by saying it is NOT spelled “Uintah”. I don’t know why, but that drives me banana sandwich when I see it spelled that way.
    Now I put “The Uintas” in quotations because this is not the formal name. Technically, the Uinta National Forest covers a very large part of Utah. But when I say The Uintas, I am referring to anywhere out near Kamas.
    There are so many bodies of water here, for those of you who have a dog like mine who would probably be a fish in another life. Also, a lot of areas where people don’t frequent, so your dog is free to run and play and be an adorable, happy ball of energy. Fair warning, this is one of the busiest places I’ve seen in Utah in the summer.



  3. Goblin Valley State Park
    This one I have “recommendation restrictions” on. I totally recommend taking your dog here… Just please don’t take your dog here in the middle of the summer! It can get so so super hot and your dog doesn’t need that on their paws or body. I can barely handle it in the summer time and I’m not wearing a fur coat.
    Goblin Valley does have a rule on keeping your dog leashed inside the park, but I’ll let you in on an insider secret: Goblin Valley covers a nice chunk of land so as long as you are in a spot with nobody around and your dog is pretty well trained, we’ve found out they don’t mind if you let them play off leash a little bit. Just remember to use common sense in those situations.

    As always with any of these areas, and anywhere you explore, I have 4 major pleads:

    PLEASE keep your dog hydrated!
    PLEASE¬†follow the “leave no trace” guidelines! Pick up after yourself and your dog.
    PLEASE be respectful of others and the beautiful land you are on!
    And finally, PLEASE enjoy the time you get to spend with your furry best friend(s)!


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