Roadtrippin With The Pups


  1. Safety first!
    People have many different techniques for traveling with a dog in a vehicle. Whether you crate your dog, or use a car harness, make sure you’re thinking about your dog’s safety. We use Kurgo car harnesses for our Aussies and love them! They double as a regular harness for our awesome Wolfpack leashes to clip on nicely on the back.
    Now, this is a personal preference, but I highly recommend not putting your dog in the front seat. I’ve heard way too many horror stories about airbags or dogs going through the window in an accident. Think of your dog as your baby, because duh, they are. I suggest to keep them in the back and buckled up.
  2. Take breaks more frequently. Maybe when you road trip you only stop for gas and hurry to your destination. Well, dogs need water breaks, potty breaks, and moments to stretch their legs. Plan for more time from start to finish to give your pup more breaks to keep them comfortable.img_2601
  3. Do not feed your dog at least 30 minutes before leaving. It’s not a good idea for a dog to head out on the road right after filling up their tummies. Try to avoid this.
  4. This tip I use just about everywhere: Keep your dog hydrated! Just do it.
  5. Taking your dog with you on a road trip takes extra work. Make sure your campgrounds or hotels are dog friendly and find out their rules and possible fees. Sometimes we use to find hotels, it’s a pretty handy website. Some places, like Motel 6, don’t charge a pet fee. Most other places you will need to inform ahead of time that you have a dog so they can make sure to get you in a dog friendly room. I book through and they have a comment section where I can inform hotels of that.
  6. Just remember: toys and treats are lifesavers! And also remember, have a great trip with your pup 🙂img_2241

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