The Bells and Whistles… or Coats.

There are 2 main things from this most recent roadtrip that I want to talk about:

The first being that Maroon Bells in Aspen is very dog friendly, as long as your dog remains leashed. There are a lot of dogs around on a busy day. If you go before 8am, you can drive your own vehicle. Now be warned, if you’re going on a very busy morning, even if you make it early, you can still be turned away for a full parking lot. We were at 6:30 in the morning.

But there are buses that run every 20 minutes, starting at 8am, that will take you to this beautiful lake. And great news, the buses ARE dog friendly! It’s an $8 fee for you but free for your pooch to ride. Now here is where another warning comes in: These buses can get very crowded! So if your pup doesn’t do well in crowded spaces, not the best idea to have them on a busy day or the first few bus rides up. On the way back, we were lucky enough to get some more room to ourselves. Just make sure to keep your dog leashed. There are also lots of moose in the area, so dogs are not allowed to explore outside of this region as much as humans are.


The second thing I wanted to talk about is Loki and Boston’s Kurgo loft jackets. I have fallen in love with these! But before I get into that, I need to do the little spiel about how I was not paid nor given free product to influence my review on these, I just bought them and want to share with all of you dog owners.

Alright, so, these adorable puffy jackets are the works. They seemed to keep the dogs warm during a cold night, in the snow, and during very windy moments. The material is waterproof, so even with the rain and snow, they stayed dry. I initially bought these because when I take Loki along on our snowshoeing adventures, he loves to roll in the snow, and his fur will get soaked, and then it’ll freeze. And I definitely didn’t want that to keep happening. So, I decided to try this out and am now very confident that I wont have this problem anymore. The material also seems to be strong, but is soft.
The jackets are a nice length, but don’t cover far enough to hinder a dog’s ability to pee freely. They have a little zipper part down the back so you can still leash them on a harness, which we loved because we could keep their car harnesses on for quick “in and out” moments.
And finally, they are a very reasonable price. I recommend everyone who is looking for a jacket for their dogs to at least look into these.


Coming up next: My top tips for roadtripping with dogs. Thanks for reading!

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